Find Cabins & Cottages in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Treat yourself to a getaway in the Smoky Mountains. Doesn’t Gatlinburg, Tennessee sound like the perfect place to relax in for a couple of weeks in the summertime? There are plenty of reasons to vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Did you know that Gatlinburg was named one of America’s prettiest towns? It is quaint, charming, historic, beautiful, and romantic. This isn’t just an old town. This is the perfect place to nestle away with your wife or family over the summer season. It’s a little mountain getaway that you have to see once before you die.

Did you know that Gatlinbug, Tennessee is one of the most visited vacation destinations in the United States? That’s saying a lot because not a lot of people think about Tennessee when they think about tourism. It’s not Las Vegas or Orlando, Florida, but so many people travel to it to get away nonetheless. It’s worth a visit at least once in your life. See what made so Tennessee so charming to so many famous American writers of the past.

Gatlinburg is nestled right at the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and it’s America’s number one most visited national park. It’s more visited than Yosemite National Park or Yellowstone National Park. One of the boons to going to Gatlinburg for a summer getaway is that you get to see a national park while you’re there. You can find three different entrances into the Smoky Mountains from town. If you’re staying in a hotel in the city, wining and dining at night, and ordering in room service, you will get the best of both worlds when you trek into the Smoky Mountains by day.

Gatlinburg receives more than 11 million people each year, but the town has under 4,000 residents. It can easily grow to 40,000 people on any given night though. If you want to feel tucked away in privacy, and also experience the hustle and bustle of the city, this is your vacation destination. If the city ever gets too much for you, you can head on over to the national park for a little getaway.

Gatlinburg is one of America’s best mountain resorts, and there are accommodations of all sorts there to suit any budget or taste. There are tons of local attractions and restaurants too, and you’re surrounded by the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. There’s really no better slice of America that you can get, and at a great price too. The central location makes it easy to get there from virtually anywhere in the United States, whether by plane or car. Not many people think of Tennessee as a tourist destination, but this place is certainly one of the best spots in the United States, bar none. Consider visiting it over Spring Break or the summer vacation season when the kids are ready to go somewhere interesting.

Plus, it’s famous for its nightlife, and there are a variety of shows available, from slapstick comedy, shows, theatre, to magic.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is just waiting for you and your family! Come this summer!

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